Vivacious Vegetable Beetroot

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Vivacious Vegetable Beetroot is plump and punky in rich royal purple. A bubbly bopper with a three-leaf updo, this colourful cutie brings joy to any countertop. A plant-based pal with an affable smile, this little root's right-on.
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    5 (10 Reviews) Write a Review

    • “Love It”

      By caterpillar, 3rd Dec 2023

      beet's best friend is asparagus, and these cute little guys totall make a great duo. just simply cuteness and they lit up my room, especially for the smile. an ideal pocket friend for everybody. plus beet has always wanted to be made into soup, but asparagus said it was impossible.

    • “You Need A Beetroot In Your Lives Today!”

      By Anonymous, 5th Sep 2023

      Our beetroot is called Bob and he is beautiful. Bob enjoys spending time with his Jellycat friends, particularly Blueberry Clyde and Lee the Leek. Life is always better with Jellycats. I would highly recommend the beetroot.

    • “Amazing Beet”

      By Danielle, 21st May 2023

      this beet is so funny and cute. i adore him. buy him

    • “Best Friends”

      By Anonymous, 20th Nov 2022

      I found Barry shaking nervously on a chopping board in wonderland, and quickly swooped in and saved him before he got injured. I love Barry! Barry loves me! We’re happy and seeking professional help in order to move past the trauma of that awful day.

    • “I Love My Beetroot”

      By Anonymous, 21st Aug 2021

      I want a pool filled with these.